About Eagle's Nest


1440 Regal Row Dallas, TX 75247


(214) 33-EAGLE

(214) 333-2176

Mailing Address: 

W. V. Grant Ministries 5600 W. Lovers Ln. #116-223 Dallas TX 74209


Our Vision

Eagle's Nest Cathedral is a healing center in the center of the United States, equidistant between the East and West Coasts. Hurting people fly into Dallas on a regular basis, and go home with powerful testimonies to God's healing power.

This Vision is to enlarge the television and radio ministry and magnify our mandate of feeding the hungry in Spirit, world-wide, and to continue to proclaim the Word of God to the masses, that "Jesus Saves, Jesus Heals, and Jesus Restores."


"Healing the Hurting"

Not only do people, world-wide, in need of a miracle, fly into Dallas on a regular basis, and go home filled, healed and thrilled, but Reverend Grant has trained his church to reach out to the underprivileged of Dallas and around the world, and to the homeless and rejected of the Dallas Metroplex. Not a month passes that members from Eagle's Nest Cathedral do not go -- Brenda and W. V. Grant among them -- to the downtrodden in downtown Dallas, taking them hot food, blankets, coats, Bibles, purified water, backpacks, toiletries, etc., and the Word of God.