Course 3 Description



Eagle Bible Institute was introduced by Rev. W.V. Grant, Sr. over 50 years ago, in 1952. The Faith Clinic Bible Course, as it was called at that time, consisted of one 16 month course. In that early course, there were 64 textbooks and they sold for .50 cents each.

As the years went by, Rev. Grant, Sr. wrote more books than any man who ever lived, 607 titles. His son,

Rev. W.V. Grant, Jr., also became a prolific writer, and this one course was expanded to several, covering virtually every subject in the Holy Bible—Salvation, Divine Healing, The Holy Spirit, the Gifts of the Spirit, Water Baptism, Soul-Winning, etc.

Now, it has evolved into one of the best loved, and most basic Home Study Bible Courses available anywhere. It has incorporated such contemporary subjects as Spacecraft, Heart Transplants, Demonology, Eschatology, as well as dealing with popular, and much-asked-about subjects, such as homosexuality, abortion, and virtually every problem in marriage and family relationships.

Uniquely, every word is backed up by the Holy Bible, with virtually no personal opinion given, and chapter and verse references to the King James Version, given on every page.

Where do I Start:  Once you purchase this course, you will be forwarded to a page where you can download and view a digital version of the books. (This Course is does not come with physical books.)


Request Your Activation Code: To get your activation code for this course please email. with "Course Activation Code" in the subject line. Please include your name, course number, and the name on the credit card if not the same, in the email.


Activating a course: To activate your course, go to and sign in / create your account and follow the instructions. Tests are taken online via the web site. Questions may be sent to The price of each course is $210, if paid all at once. For your convenience, Paypal is accepted.    


Length of Courses:  This Home Study Course is designed to last for 10 months. However, you may choose to complete this course as quickly as you like. As you complete each book, simply answer the true and false questions on the corresponding online exam sheet.


Certificates and Diplomas:  When you finish this 3rd year Bible Course, you will be certified as an Ordained Minister. You will be sent a certificate, and Ordained Minister Card, to carry in your wallet, which should admit you to hospitals and rest homes, allows you to perform weddings and funerals and generally conduct yourself as a minister.