Miracle Revivals

Make Plans to Attend a W.V. Grant Miracle Revival

For 40 years, the Lord has been "Reversing the Curse" Through Powerful W.V. Grant Statewide Miracle Crusades.

Many are healed every night immediately after the Praise and Worship as Rev. W. V. Grant, through the Word of Knowledge, begins revealing the past, present, and future of hundreds; even interpreting dreams and visions. Through the Gift of Healing, Gift of Faith, and Gift of Miracles, he has been breaking canes, raising previously-crippled people out of their wheelchairs, and even seeing blind eyes healed and deaf ears opened! All glory, honor and credit is given to Jesus Christ. The greatest miracles are the hundreds of souls that have been saved by the blood of Jesus. Everyone is invited to his nightly services. Mondays through Fridays at 7 PM.

Check the Schedule below to see If Rev. Grant is in a city near you!


Victory Temple Ministries

Gainesville, FL

Victory Temple Ministries 908 SE Williston Rd.
Host Pastor: Lashon Young
Held over 2nd powerful week. Monday, April 16th - Friday, April 27th

in progress

Mon-Fri 7:30PM
Second Chance Restoration Ministries

Greensboro, NC

Second Chance Restoration Ministries 2006 A, W Vandalia Rd
Host Pastor: Prophetess Betite Parrish
Don't Miss This Prophetic Event Monday, April 30th - Friday, May 11th

starting 04/30/18

Mon-Fri 7:30PM