Homeless Ministry

W.V. Grant Homeless Ministry began its service to the city over 30 years ago. The Ministry began with W.V. Grant Jr.’s vision to help the homeless in Dallas. In the early days of Eagle’s Nest, Rev. Grant worked closely with the city of Dallas to address the homeless needs of the community. Seeing how great the need was, Rev. Grant made it his mission to minister to the homeless.

With the support of Eagle’s Nest Cathedral and the Street Ministry Team, Rev. Grant would pray for and minister to the men and women who answered his altar calls (after his blue jean-clad messages on the streets, feeding and clothing thousands).

Through the leadership of W.V. Grant and the Street Ministry Team, the Homeless Ministry continued to grow strong, as thousands of lives were changed through healing of the sick, teaching the Bible, treating those with addictions, and helping all who came, with food and more.

Today W.V. Grant Homeless Ministry continues to aid the Homeless and the Sick in coordination with the City of Dallas through its liaison, Dr. Janet Cob.

Support Homeless Ministry


Take part in Eagle's Nest Cathedral Feeding Ministry in Dallas Texas

Visit Eagle's Nest Cathedral 1508 Cadiz St. Dallas, TX 75201

Donate Food and Clothes

Non-Perishable Food and Clothing Donations can be dropped off at:

Eagle's Nest Cathedral 1508 Cadiz St. Dallas, TX 75201

Sunday 10 AM & 6 PM  | Tuesday - Friday 7:30 PM

Donate Money

Make a Donation to W.V. Grant Homeless Ministry by Credit Card via Paypal


To Make Donation by Mail, send check or money order to: 

W.V. Grant PO Box 353 Dallas, TX 75221