20/20 Eagle Club

Join W.V. Grant’s 20/20 Eagle Club and support with $20. Monthly. You will receive a W. V. Grant”20/20 Inner-Circle Lapel Pin, and Partnership Coupon Book, and Membership Card (see below)

Become a 20/20 Eagle Member.

Step 1: Submit Your 20/20 Application

Download Application

Submit Completed Application via E-mail to wv@wvgrant.com or by mail to:

W.V. Grant PO Box 353 Dallas, TX 75221

Step 2: Subscribe for Monthly Auto Payments (20 Months)



To Submit Payment by Mail, send check or money order to: 

W.V. Grant PO Box 353 Dallas, TX 75221

Step 3 Enjoy Member Benefits


Upon Receiving your application and first $20 Donation you will receive your lapel pin and your membership card,

which will entitle you to a 20% discount on all products when you present it at purchase.